Advancing a managerial system through deployment and implementation of a Knowledge Management system is a challenge. A challenge not in the sense of resistant to change exclusively but in paradigm shifting. In business we all have progress, First Knowledge Base in Civilization, Library of Alexandria, Egypt as professionals, relating to our own and tacit knowledge and to access or deploy knowledge explicitly does not flow naturally. Herein some of the challenges to encounter, this information may shed some light in assisting to define your KM strategy:

  • Accessing a data base of knowledge, feeding and updating does not come natural, which bring us to...
  • The data base must be kept updated, information like bread it must be fresh;
  • The organisations infrastructure of department, functions and activities vary providing a fundamental challenge for deploying/implementing principles and methods for Knowledge Management. This bring us to...
  • Customization is the word of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all package.

However, in the light of the challenges faced, a robust and agile management system is imperative not only to the success and progressive advancement of organizations but to advantageously apply newer and newer methodologies, practices and technologies - welcome to a "Knowledge Based Global E-conomy."

Prospect and Customer Care

Consideration shall be given to;

  • Portals, make it as attractive as possible, from an efficiency as well as interactive, focus on the service provided,
  • Respond ASAP, a real time feeling,
  • The web is for accessing and collaboration,
  • Provide knowledge through the e-space and e-work professional,
  • Continuously strive for extraordinary as a routine,
  • Integrate as much as possible, cyberspace and real time communication

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