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Is ISO 9000-3 or any other management control scheme a specification requirement for my business?

Applies to most likely not, unless your product/service is software related (further, you may want to take a look at TL 9000 and ISO 27001).

An organisation who develops and produces software products and services may opt for certification to ISO 9001 through ISO 9000-3 (ISO 27002 / TL 9000-SW). The latest revision of ISO 9000-3 is 1997 and hereby noted as:

Quality management and quality assurance standards

Be aware that the impact of the ISO 9000-3 scheme with the advances of ISO 9001 revisions. Documents providing guidance include, among many others:

  • ISO 12207 Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes
  • ISO 15504 Information Technology - Software Process Assessment
  • ISO 15939 Information Technology - Software Measurement Process Framework
  • ISO 9126 Software Engineering - Product Quality - Quality Model and Metrics
  • CoBIT

ISO 9000-3, will cross-references identifying existent software practices, a guiding document.

Part 3

Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 to the development, supply, installation and maintenance of computer software

We have encountered that Registration to ISO 9001/ISO 9000-3 can be attained through the following venues.

ISO 9001 Registration, while using ISO 9000-3 as a guide document exclusively;

ITQS / ITQMS - the accredited scheme for organisations in the software industry (similar to previous), thus achieving registration to the ITQS Scheme, which basically looks at ISO 9000-3:1997 as a specification standard;

Tick IT - While a UK (only) registration scheme for organisations in the software/"logiciel" industry, an organisation outside the UK may request certification to Tick IT.

Alternatively an organisation may opt for TL 9000 and if applicable and beneficial to the organisation's business activities consider ISO/IEC 27001.

Each of the aforementioned options will depend on Registrar selection and its capability and accreditation.

BULLTEK LTD once again first in America in ISO 9000-3 (and TL 9000 - 2001) through assisting organisations related to the Software industry including Kingston Technologies, ISSI, Nortel, CEMTEC and our own BULLTEK Latin America IT Group with practices and in pursue of derivatives ITQS / ITQMS / Tick-IT, in addition to experience with Motorola, Mitel and former Digital Equipment Corp.

Among other Registrars that can assist and answer specific certification-registration questions and provide an internationally competent ethical services consider:







Emphatically, consider, of interest visit ISO 27001 - historical ISO 17799 page.



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