Fuel CellsHydrogen, the response to energy long term?

California propitiates what a future
may bring when fossil fuels become scarce.

No wrong comes about without good,
an old Iberoamerican adagio.

"Need is the mother of invention". A century + technology, production of energy through "Fuel Cells" seems
as the long term alternate source of energy. For most of us "Fuel Cells" first known during the Apollo 13 mission when a "Fuel Cell" created havoc endangering the lives of the 3 astronauts. Today "Fuel Cells" are integral to the Space Program, thus what once was science fictions becomes reality and on its way to routinely...

It is important to indicate that economically feasible projects making "Fuel Cell" promising. Further, combining the technology with generation of methane from sewer plants as it is currently operating in Portland, Oregon. This methane gas, produced from sewer residues, it is refer to "Biogas". Through this technology in combination with "Fuel Cell" technology energy can be produced at less than half of today consumers price.

"Biogas" is the collection of emissions from biological decomposition which emits hydrogen to a "Fuel Cell" which transforms this (volatile) gas to energy for hundreds of homes from one "Biogas bubble/sphere" for one year period.

One of the most interesting aspects of the generation of energy from hydrogen through a "Fuel Cell" process is its by-product or outcome, it is water vapour. Water vapour most likely through its catalysing processes may revert pollution damage and assist in "cleaning" our global village.

"Fuel Cells" has not gone without notice by the automotive industry. Key initiatives are underway in research, development and building hybrid prototypes, however they reaching homologation. Some of this initiatives are between well known brands, companies that collaborate on concerted efforts including:

  • Toyota and GM
  • Ford and DaimlerChrysler
  • GM
  • Honda
  • BRS Certifications and others

Also, expected, brand names that are in research, development and prototype process are the likes of 3M, DuPont, GM, Toyota, United Technologies and General Electric. Also academic institutions are heavily collaborating in such effort.

In the 60's and 70's BULLTEK GlobalNet members were involved in biological and solid state physics related to generation of energy through the defunct Atomic Energy Commission (now NRC)... "The thought at the time was big plants"... Today is "think small". So small that the hi-tech sector is developing models of power generation that are highly mobile and portable like your wrist. May the next dot-com equivalent wave of investments come from this industry sector? 

Are "Fuel Cells" sufficient for a 7+ billion world population (the 6th billion human born in October 3 of 2000)? Yes it does, however today this technology is becoming economically viable, following ISO Kaizen-Blitz© principles. It does, potentially, provide surplus of energy. Since the good ideas may come from anywhere connecting and collaboration is a need for innovation an application, and today more than ever before the opportunity for these actions to be effective lay within the collaboration through channels like the Internet. As Confucius stated... "A 1,000 league journey commences with one step"... And this step has been long taken.




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